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Climate Action Strategy

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Board received a report of the Town Clerk on the Climate Action Strategy. The Town Clerk introduced the report and summarised the actions taken since the Board received the previous report on the Climate Action Strategy.


Replying to a query from Member of the Board the Town Clerk explained that the City of London Corporation was targeting a net zero emissions portfolio which only required that the Investment Property Portfolio achieve a sixty percent emissions reduction.


A member of the Board highlighted the invest to save opportunity of the Strategy and questioned what the effect following it would be to the valuation of the Portfolio. In addition, it was questioned how sustainability would be incorporated into the governance processes and the work of the Board. The Chair requested that Officers consider how best to include Climate Action Strategy in reports to the Board.


Responding to a Member’s question the Director of the Built Environment outlined the carbon baseline analysis had been completed and incorporated to the report including how this would be best measured going forward.


Following a query from a member of the Board the Town Clerk provided a summary of actions undertaken by peer organisations to combat their buildings environmental impact.


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.


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