Agenda item

Superintendent's Update

The Superintendent to be heard.


The Superintendent provided an update to the Consultative Group and the following points were made:


·         The City of London Corporation’s Governance Review had recommended major changes to the Corporation’s committee structure which were being considered by Members and was likely to have an impact on the future governance of the management of the Common.   


·         The COVID-19 pandemic had placed immense pressure on the City of London Corporation’s business model and it was anticipated that there would be a 12% budget cut across many service areas for the 2021/22 financial year which was likely to affect the budget for the management of Ashtead Common.  In the longer term it was anticipated that the City of London Corporation would be introducing a new Target Operating Model that would have further implications for the way that services were delivered.


·         In considering the planned introduction of car park charges at some City of London Corporation Commons (although not Ashtead Common), a Member highlighted that Surrey County Council recently cancelled car parking charges across its entire countryside estate following public objections.  The Superintendent underlined the importance of supporting visitors to understand why car parking charges were being introduced and advised that other ways to generate income were also being identified including making greater use of Ashtead Common’s registered charity status.  The Chair noted that the introduction of car parking charges at some Commons would help contribute to the preservation of the wider Commons both by income generation and encouraging more visitors to use environmentally sustainable forms of transport. 


RESOLVED, that the update be noted.