Agenda item

Review of Pilot and Future Bridge House Estates Funding for Enforcement Activity against Illegal Street Trading on and by the Bridges

Report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Markets & Consumer Protection updating on a enforcement against illegal street traders on the five Thames bridges owned by Bridge House Estates and seeking approval to continue the approach.


RESOLVED: That, acting collectively for the City of London Corporation as trustee of Bridge House Estates (charity registration number 1035628), Members:-

1.         Note the review of the effectiveness and outcomes of the two-year trial period of increased enforcement activity against illegal street trading on and around the five bridges owned, supported and maintained by Bridge House Estates.

2.         Agree to allocate £268k over two years from Bridge House Estates (subject to annual review) to meet the costs of enhanced local authority street trading enforcement capability on and around the bridges with a view to their support, safeguarding and preservation, and to the protection of the general public who use the bridges, subject to the approval of the Planning and Transportation Committee insofar as it has delegated responsibility for the City Corporation as trustee for “all functions relating to the control, maintenance and repair of the five City river bridges.


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