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Barbican Centre Board: Composition and Terms of Reference

Report of the Town Clerk, on behalf of the Barbican Centre Board.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk concerning proposed amendments to the Barbican Centre Board’s composition and terms of reference.


Members debated the recommendation relating to term limits, querying whether or not this was something that should be applied now or whether consideration should be deferred until a later stage, when the question of term limits in general was explored through the Lisvane Review discussions. Ultimately, it was felt that there was no reason not to clarify the position now and Members supported the proposal, whilst noting that further adjustments could be made through the Lisvane process if required.


It was noted that the proposals would be put to the December Court meeting for approval, with implementation of the term limit cut-off to take effect in the coming municipal year.


RESOLVED: That approval be granted in respect of the following items, as set out in Appendix 1 to the report:-

1.         An alteration to the composition of the Barbican Centre Board, to allow for two additional external Members.

2.         The consistent application of a nine-year term limit across the Barbican Centre Board’s membership, applying to all Members.

3.         A clarification in respect of the Board’s Terms of Reference in relation to the Barbican’s creative learning activities.


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