Agenda item

Holiday Meal Support to City of London Sponsored Academies

Report of the Director of Community & Children’s Services.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Community & Children’s Services in relation to the provision of food vouchers to the families of pupils attending City of London schools and sponsored academies, as well as City resident children attending other schools, who are eligible for free school meals over school holiday periods.


Through discussion, Members noted that information on both the Covid Winter Grant Scheme and the Holiday Activity and Food Programme was only recently available and that there were nuances in both schemes which would need to be considered. It was also noted that, with respect to Academy students, an assessment would also need to be made of provision in their home boroughs, so as to prevent duplication. Ultimately, Members agreed to support the report’s recommendations and ask for this issue to be kept under close review.


RESOLVED: That Members:-

1.       Approve the decision to await further Government announcements on the COVID Winter Grant and Holiday Activities and Food Programme before clarifying the City Corporation’s role in providing food vouchers to pupils in City sponsored academies over holiday periods.

2.       Note that the City Corporation will review the allocation and distribution requirements to implement the Government Schemes as a Local Authority which is likely to require additional administrative resource to support the children who will benefit.

3.       Note that financial modelling has been conducted on support to families of pupils in City sponsored academies for information.


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