Agenda item

Gateway 2 Issue - Wanstead Park Ponds Project

Report of the Director of Open Spaces


The Sub Committee considered a Gateway 2 Issues report of the Director of Open Spaces regarding the Wanstead Park Ponds project. The Chairman noted the significant savings in cost that had been made in progressing the project and thanked officers on behalf of the Sub Committee.


RESOLVED – That the Projects Sub Committee:


1.    Agree that additional budget of £40,000 is approved and £30,000from the existing budget is reallocated to reach the next Gateway;


2.    Note the categories assigned to each of the lake’s dams;


3.    Note the Panel Engineer’s recommendation;


4.    Note the revised project budget of £190,000 (excluding risk) including reallocation of funds;


5.    Note the change in extent of the project and the reduced total estimated cost of the project now at £750,000 – £1 million(excluding risk); and


6.      Approve Option 3, to undertake a further engineering study including into the water management of the lakes.

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