Agenda item

Planning and Transportation Committee

To note action taken under urgency procedures in relation to a project at Tower Bridge.




(Deputy Alastair Michael Moss)

2 November 2020

Report of Urgent Action Taken: Gateway 4b – Tower Bridge High Voltage System Replacement and Increasing Resilience

The Court noted urgent action taken in relation to a project involving the refurbishment of the High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) electrical infrastructure at Tower Bridge. This project was at a critical stage and the refurbishment of electrical equipment was necessary as a matter of urgency, as the current electrical network and switchgear was 20 years beyond its design life and the existing secondary supply could only power bridge-lifts at half speed. This affected the ability to complete bridge lifts as covered under the Corporation of London (Tower Bridge) Act 1885.


The approval of the Court was required to proceed at Gateway 4b given that the overall cost of the project (£8.4m) was in excess of £5m. Provision had been made within the Bridge House Estate maintenance plan for all budget requested to progress this project (i.e. no new monies were being requested). Approval was, therefore, granted under urgency to proceed with the project and progress to Gateway 4c, the Detailed Design stage). Approval of the project and any associated amendments at Gateway 4c and Gateway 5 stages was also delegated to the Planning & Transportation and Projects (Policy & Resources) Sub-Committee.


Resolved – That the action taken under urgency procedures be noted.

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