Agenda item

Gateway 3 - Greening Cheapside: Sunken Garden (Phase 1B & Phase 2)

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub Committee considered a Gateway 3 report of the Director of the Built Environment concerning Phase 1B and Phase 2 of the Greening Cheapside project. The Chairman introduced the item and advised that there were three separate projects within the proposals. The option progressed would be dependent on the funding procured for the project, and officers would return with a preferred option once this had become known.


As two of the possible projects were not funded at this stage, the Chairman proposed that the Sub Committee consider the funded option, and if further funding was secured the project could be brought back for further consideration.


RESOLVED – That the Projects Sub Committee:


1.    Agree that the increased scope, in response to additional external funding secured, be approved;


2.    That Option 1 ‘bronze’ is approved, and to note that options 2 ‘silver’ and 3 ‘gold, will only be progressed should further funding be confirmed. This funding decision will be taken by Members via a separate report on the implementation of the Climate Action Strategy;


3.    That additional budget of £50,000 is approved for fees and staff costs (fully externally funded) to reach the next Gateway (G4/5) and that £13,905 underspent from the current budget allocation is carried forward to be used on this next stage of the project; and


4.    Note the total estimated cost of the project (Phase 1B) at £296,095-£515,000 (excluding costed risk provision).

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