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TOM City of London School Pilot: Simplifying the Annual Maintenance Process

Report of the Head of CLS and the City Surveyor (TO FOLLOW)


The Sub Committee considered a joint report of the Head of the City of London School and the City Surveyor regarding proposals for streamlining the annual maintenance process for the School.


RESOLVED – That the Projects Sub Committee:


·         Approve that, as part of the Target Operating Model pilot with the City of London School, the delegation in relation to development, refurbishment and revenue programme schemes, being funded by the City of London School’s ring-fenced maintenance budget, be increased from a total project cost (including works, fees and staff costs) of £250,000 to £1,000,000 in line with the recommended changes to the Gateway process;


  • Recommend to the Policy and Resources Committee that the scheme of delegations be updated to allow for the Head of the City of London School in consultation with the City Surveyor to approve schemes for maintenance or refurbishment of up to £1,000,000 per scheme, where funding is from the School’s ring fenced repairs and maintenance fund;


  • Note that, if the above recommendations are agreed, a new regular report would be prepared to provide a 6-monthly update on progress of the annual cyclical works programme regarding time and budgets to the Projects Sub Committee; and


  • Note that, if the above recommendations are agreed and the pilot is considered a success, a further request will be made in future to apply this process to all relevant institutions and departments where similar ring fenced  funds exist to meet the cost of the works. This would be subject to the agreement of the Chamberlain.


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