Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the Sub-Committee


 In response to a question from a Member regarding the Project Management Academy and the number of project managers at the City of London Corporation, the Town Clerk advised that he would consult with HR for information on staffing numbers. The Town Clerk further advised that a skills analysis would be undertaken to identify additional officers that might benefit from undertaking Project Management Academy training. The Chairman added that expanding the offer and reach of the Project Management Academy was a priority.


A Member then advised that the COLPAS Galleywall Primary Academy, a project which had recently been closed, had reported a leaking roof, and asked what action could be taken, given the project had been closed. The City Surveyor responded that this was likely to be the contractor’s responsibility, and that action would depend on the severity of the leak. The City Surveyor undertook to investigate the matter and advise Members accordingly.