Agenda item

Gateway 2 Issue - Guildhall Chilling Plant Replacement & Steam Humidification Plant Replacement

Report of the City Surveyor


The Sub Committee considered a Gateway 2 Issue report of the City Surveyor regarding the Guildhall Chiller Plant Replacement & Steam Humidification Plant Replacement project. The City Surveyor introduced the item and drew Members’ attention to the key points, including the request for the repurposing of funds following successful bids for Climate Action Strategy work.


RESOLVED – That the Projects Sub Committee:


1)    As the essential areas of the Guildhall complex are being addressed through the government grant funded PSDS project, agree that the Humidification Plant replacement project is closed;


2)    Agree the reallocation of the Energy Reduction Programme – Phase 1 funds (£233,000) to fund the chiller plant replacement project, as these works are now being undertaken through the PSDS Project; and


3)    As the essential areas will be addressed via the PSDS Project, as recommended by the Chamberlain, agree the reallocation of the Humidification plant replacement funds (£1.2m) to support the chiller plant replacement project.

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