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Audit of Entrances and Rides

Report of the Superintendent of City Commons (copy attached).


The Committee considered a report of the Superintendent of City Commons, which presented an Audit of Entrances and Rides undertaken by two of the Ashtead Common volunteers, with support and guidance from the Superintendent and Ranger Team.


The Committee expressed its thanks and appreciation for the work of the volunteer authors in producing the report.


In response to a Member’s query, Members were told that since the Olympics, cycling on the Common had increased.  It was explained that whilst an official count hadn’t taken place, Rangers and staff on the Common suggested there were more cyclists, especially casual cyclists and family groups.  When Rangers found cyclists off the authorised routes, it was often established that the cyclist had lost their way, and this was often attributed to a lack of clear signage.


Members noted from the report that future work would include improvements to both the condition of some of the footpaths and concessionary rides. . The work itself would be done by volunteers in the summer months, with the support of the Ranger staff.


Responding to a question from a Member, the Committee heard that the final colour scheme of the map was not yet finalised, and the next step would be to approach a graphic designer to create the map.  This map could then be resized to fit the various signs found around the Common.



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