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Ashtead Common Consultative Committee Proposed Terms of Reference

To approve the proposed Terms of Reference of the Ashtead Common Consultative Committee (copy attached).


The Superintendent of City Commons introduced the draft Terms of Reference of the Ashtead Common Consultative Committee. He noted the proposed format of a Summer site visit to the Common coupled with a Winter meeting at Guildhall to discuss the upcoming work programme for the coming year.


The Committee proceeded to discuss the draft Terms of Reference and the following points were made:


·         The Superintendent was considering the degree of input afforded to local schools.


·         The Superintendent would research and report back to the Committee the proposed final membership, and he would focus his research on individuals and organisations with a demonstrable affiliation to Ashtead Common.


·         The Chairman noted that he welcomed the encouragement and involvement of young people in the management and enjoyment of the Common.


·         It was noted under 1(A) that ‘Association’ should be in the singular.


·         It was suggested that the Environment Agency be involved, at least informally, in the business of the Committee and that the Terms of Reference could be redrafted to reflect the potential informal contribution of local and national organisations. The Superintendent responded by saying that a list of consultees will be drawn up to include organisations like the Environment Agency. Individuals and organisations on the list will not routinely attend committee meetings, but will receive information and may be called upon to attend consultation events depending on the subject in hand.  


·         The Superintendent concluded by saying he would welcome feedback from local organisations on any changes in membership in between the meetings of the Committee. 


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