Agenda item

Ashtead Common Resources (Staff and Volunteers)

The Head Ranger to be Heard.


The Committee received a verbal update and presentation from the Head Ranger of Ashtead Common regarding staff and volunteer resourcing. Maternity leave and a military call out had contributed to staff capacity being at 50% of its full compliment. Despite a large increase in volunteer hours it was noted that this did not replace staff availability, as supervision of volunteers was required.


The Head Ranger updated the Committee on a major project undertaken by volunteers at the Common, the construction of a bridge, which had taken 500 hours to complete. The Committee wished for their thanks to the volunteers to be noted, with particular thanks to be given to David Challenger who had completed 25 years of voluntary work and Penny Eve who had provided invaluable help during the year and had gained a number of qualifications. It was reported that training had been provided to allow Penny (and other volunteers) to supervise sessions.


RESOLVED – That the update be noted.