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Responsible Dog Ownership - Government Consultations & Initiatives

Presentation from the Superintendent of the City Commons.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces relative to Dog Control Orders. The City had acquired Secondary Authority Status on 31 May 2012, which allowed the City to make and enforce Dog Control Orders in its Open Spaces outside the Square Mile. The report advised the Committee of proposals to consult on the introduction of one or more Dog Control Orders at Burnham Beeches before determining the way forward for other Open Spaces.


In response to a Member’s query, the Superintendent clarified that Croydon currently had Dog Control Orders. It was not currently anticipated that Mole would seek to obtain the Orders as it was not considered necessary or proportionate to counter dog-related incidents in the area. The Superintendent drew comparisons between the measures used to enforce the Orders and the Fixed Penalty Notices used to enforce traffic laws.


In response to a Members’ question, the Superintendent advised that a report outlining the proposed  introduction of Dog Control Orders at Burnham Beeches was expected to be submitted to each Open Spaces Grand Committee by the end of the year.


In response to a Member’s query, the Chairman advised that the Open Spaces, City Gardens & West Ham Park Committee had been broadly in favour of proposals to microchip dogs, although the issue had proven contentious. The Superintendent advised that many industry bodies, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Kennel Club, were proponents of microchipping dogs.


A Member expressed concern that professional dog walkers could be unfairly restricted in the number of dogs they could walk.




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