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Terms of Reference

To receive the terms of reference of the Ashtead Common Consultation Group.


Members considered a tabled paper setting out proposed amendments to the Group’s terms of reference and the following points were made.


·         The Superintendent confirmed that the membership of the Ashtead Common Consultation Group was the same as the former Ashtead Common Consultative Committee. He explained that the change in nomenclature for the Group reflected the fact the role of the Group was advisory rather than of a decision-making nature.


·         The Superintendent noted thaty current Members of the Group were appointed on a four-year term, commencing 19 January 2018.


·         A Member noted that the proposed amendments to the terms of reference largely dealt with concerns over the lack of named representative groups represented on the Consultation Group.


·         A Member commented that membership of the Group was a two-way relationship – named representative groups had the opportunity to make their represenations via the Ashtead Common Consultation Group whilst at the same time, representatives serving on the Group were responsible for reporting back to their groups on any issues discussed at the Group’s meetings.


·         Members agreed to the Chairman’s suggested amendment that external groups would have ‘the right to’ a representative on the Ashtead Common Consultation Group.


·         Members agreed that the wording regarding meeting venue be amended to ‘Meetings shall normally take place locally at Ashtead.’


·         The Superintendent agreed to clarifiy with the City’s Comptroller and City Solicitor whether the Consultation Group could be renamed the Ashtead Common Consultative Group.


·         Members discussed the fact that members of the public were welcome to attend meetings of the Group, and noted that they would be welcome to address the Group at the discretion of the Chairman provided the smooth and orderly conduct of the meeting was assured.


·         The Chairman thanked Members for their input into the proposed terms of reference.


RESOLVED, that the amended terms of reference be referred to the Epping Forest & Commons Committee for approval.

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