Agenda item

Budget Position 2018/19 and Beyond


The Superintendent was heard regarding the budget position for 2018/19 and beyond.


·         He noted that the Open Spaces Department was expected to make a 2% saving annually, and that individual Commons such as Burnham Beeches faced a loss of specific funding items, such as parking income and grant income. To address budget reductions in part, the Superintendent would be seeking to encourage donations across the Commons.


·         In response to a comment from the Chairman, the Superintendent agreed to consider encouraging corporate donations from local business. The Superintendent noted that ExxonMobil had provided a significant donation in kind of voluteers, to which the Chairman replied he would be very happy to write a letter of thanks.


·         In response to a request, the Superintendent agreed to prepare a onepage discussion paper ahead of the Summer Walk for key items of discussion for the Group.