Agenda item

Achievements & projects across the Commons 2018


Burnham Beeches and Stoke Common


·         The Superintendent noted that 5,500 volunteer hours had been provided at Burnham Beeches and Stoke Common. Moreover the café tenancy had ended in Summer 2018 and the City was now out to tender for a new provider. The Stoke Common Management Plan had been approved, and the Burnham Beeches Management Plan was currently being drafted. Officers were also applying for new stewardship grants.


West Wickham and Coulsdon Common


·         5,300 volunteer hours had been provided at Coulsdon Common and 550 volunteer hours at West Wickham.


Farthing Down


·         Two miles of bank and ditch had been re-excavated to prevent vehicle damage to the site.


Kenley Common


·         The Kenley Revival project had been an example of successful public engagement, however the brick mortar used on the blast pens had started to fail. Restoration work to the pens had therefore been extended to December 2019 and the City was engaged in a legal process to recover its costs. Once the pens were fully restored, infographic boards would be installed.


The Commons Support Services


·         The Superintendent noted the sterling work of the back-office support team at The Commons.