Agenda item

Budget position 19/20 and beyond


·         The Superintendent noted that the 2% savings target for The Commons had now been extended up until 2024. This involved a reduction in budget from £402k in 2017/18 to £329k in 2023/24. The scale of the reduction in budget meant that cost items such as the management of dog waste - costing £53k – needed to be reviewed.


·         There still remained opportunities to raise revenue in car parking, and events licenses had a target income of £1k. Donations were a limited income stream at a total of £3k.


·         The Superintendent continued, noting that City’s Cash would likely be under further pressure from 2020 and therefore it was likely that further savings would be required. Overall, the City would focus on meeting its statutory duties for Ashtead Common i.e. conservation of habitats.


·         Moreover, officers at The Commons were obliged to meet the objectives of the City’s Corporate Plan, as well as ensuring an equitable spend across all demographics of persons who used The Commons i.e. not spending budgets disproportionately on specific user groups such as dog walkers.


·         In response to a question, the Superintendent replied that it would be sensible to review the potential to charge professional dog walkers for the use of The Commons through issuing them with an annual licence.