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Gateway 3/4 - Fire Safety Doors - Great Arthur House

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


Members considered a Gateway 3/4 report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services regarding Fire Safety Doors – Great Arthur House and the following points were made.


·         A Member noted that project reporting should include a short section detailing, where there was a cost increase, the reason for that increase.


·         Members felt that the timeline to delivery of the project was overly long and queried why the project risk was graded Green, to which the Director of Community and Children’s Services replied that factors such as the building’s Grade II listing, and six-month waiting times at fire safety test centres having an impact on the overall project.


·         Members were unhappy with the original project scope and felt that it should be possible to reduce the overall project timeline.


·         The Chairman noted that lessons learned would be captured at Gateway 6.


RESOLVED, that Members


·         note that project timelines are estimates based on the assumption that the works will be considered as improvements and there will be no recharge to leaseholders;


·         give authority to proceed on the assumption that the works, as per advice from counsel, are considered as improvements and cannot be recharged to long leaseholders;


·         approve the increased scope of works;


·         approve the appointment of a design team and fire safety consultant to assess the increased scope of works required to achieve full compartmentation and fire stopping;


·         approve the additional budget of £119,000 to reach next Gateway stage. This covers additional design stage testing related to the increased scope, design fees, and works associated with temporary installations to reach the next Gateway;


·         note the revised project budget (works) of £1,856,000(excluding risk);


·         note the total estimated cost of the project at £1,993,000 (including spend to date, additional consultancy fees & staff costs / risk not included);


·         Approve Option 1 - replacement of front doorsets and frames, fanlights, all panel compartmentation, internal and  external common area fire doors as well as internal fire escape doors within the individual properties.


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