Agenda item

Questions on matters relating to the work of the Committee


The Chairman informed the Committee that at the last Audit and Risk Management Committee meeting, the Committee had requested that two Co-opted Members with relevant qualification and experience are Co-opted onto the Committee. The Members were further advised that a job pack for the Co-opted Members is being prepared, once the job pack is finalised and approved, it will be advertised in a range of platform where leading members of authority on the subject matter will be exposed to the adverts.


A Member of the Committee asked if the Town Clerks can look into the timing of the Sub Committee meetings and explore the feasibilities of optimising the meeting time which can help minimise the impact on Members who are travelling from far.  The Committee was advised, in terms of meeting time and sequences, there needs to be an adequate timing which allows for the information to feed through relevant Committees. 


A Member asked that with the advancement of technology, if it was possible for Members of the Committee to tune into the meeting via Skype. The Committee were told that the Town Clerk is keen to ensure that we have the technology and infrastructure in place to facilitate the meetings for as smoothly as possible. Additionally, there are legal constraints around Members contribution to the meeting, if they were to join in via the Skype.