Agenda item

Gateway 2 - Energy Reduction Programme - Phase 1

Report of the City Surveyor.


Members considered a Gateway 2 report of the City Surveyor regarding the Energy Reduction Programme Phase 1.


RESOLVED, that Members,


·         Approve a budget of £40,250 to reach the next Gateway, consisting of £16,000 from City Fund reserves and £24,250 from City Cash reserves;


·         Note the project budget of £1,153,000 plus estimated risk allowance of £60,700 to be funded £246,000 from Carbon Offset fund with the remaining cost of £968,000 to be met from City Fund and City’s Cash reserves;


·         Approve a Costed Risk Provision of £10,100 (to be drawn down via delegation to Chief Officer in consultation with the Chamberlain) to be funded £3,200 from City Fund reserves and £6,900 City’s Cash reserves.


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