Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 13th November, 2019 11.00 am, Audit and Risk Management Committee of the Board of Governors of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Venue:   Committee Room 2 - 2nd Floor West Wing, Guildhall

Contact:    Greg Moore
tel. no.: 020 7332 1399

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Marianne Bernadette Fredericks Chairman Present
Randall Keith Anderson Deputy Chairman Present
John Douglas Chapman Committee Member Present
Ann Holmes Committee Member Apologies
Lynne Williams Officer In attendance
Niki Cornwell Council Staff In attendance
COL - Events Council Staff Expected
Sandeep Dwesar Officer Expected
Clare Rawlings Council Staff Expected
Sarah Wall Council Staff Expected
Vivienne Littlechild Guest In attendance
Jeremy Newton Officer In attendance
Wezi Nyirenda Officer Expected
Richard Holt Secretary In attendance
Katharine Lewis Officer In attendance
Matthew Lock Officer In attendance
Cirla Peall Officer In attendance
Jonathon Poyner Officer In attendance
Gemma Stokley Secretary In attendance