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Headmaster's Report

Report of the Headmaster of the City of London School (copy attached).


The Board considered a report of the Headmaster of the City of London School relative to various School issues such as Curriculum Matters, September 2013 Admissions and Long Term Medical Conditions.


September 2013 Admissions

The Headmaster reported that the School now seemed to have become a ‘victim of its own success’ in that the pupil population of the School was expected to be higher than ever next year. He added that an ideal figure for the School in the long-term would be around 910 and that approximately 950 pupils were expected in the new academic year following an overwhelming number of acceptances.


The Headmaster went on to report that, in order to address this, it was now proposed that Sixth Form recruitment was reduced with the exception of those receiving bursaries. Each year a few pupils choose to leave the School after their GCSE studies and it was not thought necessary to make certain that these were replaced by new entrants to the Sixth Form. The Board were also reminded of the new, 2 year, screening process for those entering the School at 13+. The Headmaster highlighted that 83 places had been accepted to date but, with the major deposit not having to be paid until September 2014, it was difficult to judge how many would actually want to take up the places.


The Director of Finance highlighted that the uncertainties regarding 13+ recruitment had now been referenced within the School’s Risk Register. He assured the Board that contingency plans were in position if places were either under or oversubscribed. The Director went on to report that, with the School’s pupil population set to reach approximately 950 in the next academic year, this would constitute a ‘windfall’ in terms of resources which he proposed should be retained for future capital projects – something which would be addressed in this year’s Estimates proposals. He added that the School were confident that this would then fall to around 925 in the following academic year if a more conservative approach was taken to making offers and less emphasis placed on Sixth Form recruitment.


The Chairman reminded the Board that the School was already intending to introduce an additional Form in Year 7 in September 2013 as a result of the growing pupil population. He also reminded Governors of a recent presentation given by the School’s Head of Admissions and the fact that all present had been very sympathetic to problems around accommodating additional pupils at the School going forward.


Curriculum Matters

In response to a question regarding the introduction of Mandarin, the Headmaster reported that each pupil in the First Form will have a one hour lesson per week which will extend their day by twenty minutes on the day they have their Mandarin lesson. He added that this would also be complemented by extensive follow up homework.


Improvements to the School’s Upper Playground

The Chairman highlighted that this would be a short contract period and that he was to be kept informed of the works progress.


The Second Master reported that the works had commenced earlier this week and that Officers were hopeful that these would be completed by the end of September 2013.


Health and Safety Matters

In response to a question, the Second Master reported that the previous problems with drainage on the North side of the School building had now been remedied in the short term. He added that contractors would be re-visiting the School in the future to ascertain if there were likely to be any further problems here. Governors were informed that the School was still awaiting the findings of a camera survey of the drains which had been undertaken at half term.


Educational Strategy Working Party

The Headmaster reported that he had recently given a presentation to the City’s Educational Strategy Working Party on the School and its contributions to the Corporations Aims and Values. He tabled the notes from his presentation for Governors’ information.


The Headmaster went on to highlight the School’s suggestions as to how it might contribute to a future City of London Corporation Educational Strategy and Vision. He mentioned the School’s desire to run a joint CPD programme with Stepney Green and that this could, potentially, be run between CLS and one of the City Academies in the future.


The Headmaster commented that CLS would also be keen to take the lead for the Corporation in running  a Teaching School – something that the Government were currently looking for Independent Schools to champion. He added that the City of London School for Girls had suggested that they would also consider joining this venture.


The Chairman who is also a member of the City’s Educational Strategy Working Party thanked the Headmaster for his very comprehensive presentation to the group.


Long-Term Medical Conditions

Governors considered and approved the School policy on Long-Term Medical Conditions.


RESOLVED – That, the Board approve the School policy on Long-Term Medical Conditions.


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