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Annual update on Custody (Young Persons, Children and Mental Health) And Use of Force

Report of the Town Clerk and the Commissioner


The Committee received a joint report of the Commissioner and the Town Clerk providing an overview and update on three areas of policing – young persons and children in custody, mental health crisis in custody and use of force.


In relation to mental health data the Committee expressed concern that the mode of transport for 2 people was shown as ‘unknown’. The Commissioner commented that this may have been due to the mode of transport not being noted on the CAD but reassured Members that the individuals concerned would have been conveyed to hospital nonetheless.


Additionally, the reference to referrals and pathways not being implemented raised concern and the Commissioner undertook to look into this and confirm by note.


The Chairman requested that he be provided with a clear definition of “overnight” to allow Members to clear information of how many children were detained overnight.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.


Supporting documents:


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