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Freight and Servicing Supplementary Planning Document - Consultation and Adoption


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment presenting the outcomes of the consultation on the draft Freight and Servicing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and recommended revisions to the document.


The Committee was advised that the Freight and Servicing SPD had been produced to provide additional guidance on policies in relation to deliveries and servicing of new developments and aimed to reduce the negative environmental impact of freight and servicing on the City.


Members made a number of comments in relation to the refusal of planning approval for buildings that relied upon night time or weekend delivery and servicing,
the need to align the SPD with planning guidelines, the need for more onsite servicing, whether or not the transport strategy should be considered first, and the need to make more use of Walbrook Wharf and the river.


RESOLVED – That officers review the comments made by Members of the Committee and recirculate the document with the amendments.



Supporting documents:


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