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Late Night Levy - 12 Month Report (1 October 2016 - 30 September 2017)

Report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection.


Members considered a report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection in respect of the third year of the Late-Night Levy operating within the City of London.


Members were advised that that the plan was to continue operating the City’s bespoke risk scheme and other operational matters funded through the City’s portion of the levy for at least a further three years. It was noted that a number of changes had been made, set out in the report, to simplify the process of governance and accountability of the City Police portion of the levy to make it more robust and include all interested partners from the monthly Licensing Liaison Partnership.


In response to a query regarding annual updates, Members were advised that the annual report to the Police would come to the Committee each year. 


In response to a query regarding the decision to stop using the 696-form in favour of a new form, Members were advised that its use was never a compulsory risk management process and that the new form, drawn up in consultation with a barrister specialising in Licensing matters, was felt to be more useful.


Members discussed the breakdown of the levy year which in reality covered October to March, rather than a full year. In response to a query whether the time period could be adjusted to 18 months rather than six months in order to align the scheme with the financial year, the Licensing Manager noted that such a change would require further consultation and would delay implementation of the Levy.

In response to a request from a Member, the Licensing Manager agreed to circulate the Late-Night Levy forecast from April to October 2018 with the minutes and to include subsequent forecasts as an extra line in the following years reports to Committee.




·         Members agreed the way in which the City of London Police’s share of the Levy is to be administered as outlined in paragraphs 18 – 20 of this report;


·         Members agreed that the Late-Night Levy should continue to operate for at least a further three years;


·         Members require officers to prepare an annual account of the operation and effect of the Levy which is to be reported to the Licensing Committee.


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