Agenda item

Data Protection Policy

Report of The Comptroller and The City Solicitor.


Members considered a report of the Comptroller and City Solicitor regarding the Data Protection Policy and the following points were made:


·         The Comptroller commented that the policy is a straight forward one and that it should be reviewed annually.  The Chairman commented that the policy should be reviewed at Member level in order to ensure openness and transparency and A Member commented that the reviews should be fazed by section to ensure that the policy is considered closely.


·         A Member questioned whether the policy should be included in the Members Code of Conduct.  The Comptroller commented that this could bring about floodgates as all legal requirements could then be included and the code of conduct could become exhaustive.  The Chairman added that the Code of Conduct should remain about principals and simple.


RESOLVED – That Members:


·         Approved and agreed to adopt the revised Data Protection Policy set out in Appendix 1 with effect from 25th May 2018.



Supporting documents: