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Ben Jonson House, Breton House, Thomas More House, Bunyan House And Willoughby House Barbican, Residential Car Park - 17/00909/FULL

Report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director.


(Redacted Background Papers have been circulated separately).





The application which was introduced sought planning permission for the installation of 316 self-contained, pre-fabricated galvanised steel storage units in 201 car parking spaces across three car parks within the Barbican Complex.


Mr Henry Irwig spoke in objection to the application in respect of the Bunyan Car Park, and asked that consideration be given to additional conditions requiring that the storage units not be placed where they created ‘blind spots’, obscured the entrances to flat blocks, and compromised security.


Mr Irwig also advised that he had sent in some slides to support his presentation, however these could not be located by officers and had not been received.


Members discussed a number of issues relating to the safety and security implications of the proposals, the use of storage units by non-Barbican residents, and the potential impact of parking provision and traffic congestion in the car parks and immediate area.


Some Members spoke in support of the application which they felt would enable underused parking spaces to fulfil a new purpose, meet the increased demand for additional storage space for both residents and non-.


Other Members expressed concerns regarding the lack of information regarding what the storage units might be used for, and suggested that the conditions relating to the management plan needed to be more explicit in relation to fire safety and security issues.


Arising from the discussion the application was put to the vote with 19 voting FOR and 2 AGAINST the proposal as follows:


RESOLVED – That planning permission be granted subject to:


  • the imposition of an additional condition requiring amended plans to address (i) fire egress; and (ii) traffic blind spot concerns, approval of the amended plans to be delegated to the CPO in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman


Supporting documents:


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