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Updates Available to Members

Report of the Director of Communications.


Members received a report of the Director of Communications outlining updates to Members on the City Corporation’s public statements and positions on issues of local, regional, national and international importance.


A Member requested that this information be included in the Members Briefing, which the Director of Communications agreed to.


Another Member asked for Court statements to be put on the website or tweeted, which the Director of Communications agreed to but asked that some discretion be given for Officers to decided which statements are in the interests of the public.


The Chairman underlined the importance of Members using these positions when speaking on behalf of the City, as well as Members holding their own individual opinions. A Member questioned whether there is a record of who the official spokespersons of the City of London Corporation are, to which the Town Clerk advised Members of the job descriptions for the Policy Chairman and the Lord Mayor. Members also discussed the role of spokesperson for Committee Chairmen within the remit of their respective Committees. One Member praised the Chairman of Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queens Park Committee for her media presence on behalf of the City Corporation, which is reflected in the amount she is involved in on the Weekly Media Grid.



·         The report be noted.

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