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Business of Trust Key Messages

Joint report of the Director of Economic Development and the Director of Communications.


Members considered a joint report of the Director of Communications and the Director of Economic Development concerning the Business of Trust initiative’s key messages.


Members welcomed the report but asked that more information be given about the tangible work that is taking place on the Business of Trust initiative and what it is achieving. The Director of Economic Development assured Members that a further report would be presented to the Sub Committee in due course outlining the work of the Business of Trust initiative, particularly focusing on the Leaders of Tomorrow (the City’s next generation of leaders) work.


In light of this report, a Member asked a question concerning the perception (particularly on social media) of the City Corporation when Aldermen and the Lord Mayor wear traditional dress at functions such as the Commonwealth Business Forum. Following discussion, the overall view of Members was to employ a balanced approach, as particularly stakeholders from overseas have fed back positively to more traditional dress, therefore there are occasions where traditional dress can be worn appropriately. However, as there does seem to be criticism, especially on social media, on the pomp and ceremony aspect of these functions, the Director of Communications and the Executive Director of Mansion House & the Central Criminal Court committed to keeping this under review.


The Chairman requested that Members were kept updated on the initiative.



·         The factsheet and key messages in the report relating to the Business of Trust initiative be approved.

Supporting documents:


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