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Think Tank Memberships

Report of the Director of Communications.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Communications reviewing the City Corporation’s membership of various think tanks.


Members debated the balance of think-tanks, particularly in relation to the proposed addition of Open Europe. Following debate, Members were satisfied that the overall membership position reflected a suitably balanced take in respect of Brexit.


The benefits of Whitehall and Industry Group membership were also discussed, with it observed that the Group hosted a wide range of events which might be of interest to Members. The Chairman consequently asked officers to consider ways in which relevant events could be advertised to Members, so as to maximise attendance and the benefits of Whitehall and Industry Group membership to the City Corporation.




1.         The City Corporation’s membership of six think tanks be renewed and two new memberships be approved as set out below, at a total cost of £84,500 (to be met from the 2018/19 Policy Initiatives Fund categorised under events and charged to City’s Cash):-


·       Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

·       Chatham House

·       Institute for Public Policy Research

·       Local Government Information Unit

·       New Local Government Network

·       Whitehall and Industry Group

·       New Financial (as part of the Women in Finance sponsorship)

·       Institute for Fiscal Studies

·       Open Europe


2.         membership of the Legatum Business Forum and the European Policy Forum and Reform be discontinued;


3.         no decision be taken regarding the think tank New Financial as the City Corporation’s current membership was attached to the Women in Finance Charter sponsorship; and


4.         a report be submitted to the Public Relations and Economic Development Sub-Committee on the benefits of the City Corporation’s membership of the think tanks currently supported.


Supporting documents:


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