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Additional Funding Applications

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.



Members considered an update report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services regarding additional funding applications and the following points were made.


·         It was noted that the report was for decision and not for information.


·         The Education, Culture & Skills Director advised Members that additionality was a key feature of the applications and that there was a process of extensive bidding with schools.


·         The Education, Culture & Skills Director drew Members attention to a table giving the totals required by schools noting that not all schools required the full amount available and that secondary bidding was available in January for targeted applications on an area of need. The Chairman felt that the process was more transparent than in earlier years but thought that it should be brought forward by two months.


·         It was noted that it had been made clear that some funds from the budget could potentially be held back for a strategy priority project across some or all schools.


·         A Member noted that there were insightful initiative ideas from schools that were not struggling and wondered if there could be an opportunity to introduce such ideas across all schools to cross-fertilise good practice. The Education, Culture & Skills Director advised that coaching was available for the newer/less successful schools to share successes. Quantitative and qualitative results on impact would be brought to the September Board meeting. It was accepted that there was still work to be done to develop further the quality of applications and share best practice/learning


·         A Member queried if other sources of funding outside the limited pot available were being explored and suggested Education Endowment Funding which was available for children aged 3-18 years. The Education, Culture & Skills Director explained that the City of London Corporation historically had not bid externally for funding but offered to explore this option and bring a paper on funding opportunities to the next meeting.


·         The Chairman concluded that it was important for the City of London Corporation to be rigorous and continue to ensure that funding applications were justified on reasons of additionality and impact.


RESOLVED – That Members:-


·         Note that Policy and Resources had approved an increase in the maximum amount of funding for the City’s academies from £150,000 for secondary academies to £250,000, and from £50,000 for primary academies to £100,000;


·         Approve additional funding for the eight schools in the City of London Academies Trust and the City’s two co-sponsored academies as per the schedule in the report.


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