Agenda item

Concerts at Kenwood House

Kenwood House General Manager to be heard.


Members received a verbal update from Kenwood House General Manager regarding events at Kenwood House and the following comments were made.


·         The Kenwood House General Manager advised Members that Kenwood House had reviewed its programme and would now be hosting a variety of larger public events.


·         Members were advised that managing noise pollution was a key focus for Kenwood House Team.


·         It was noted that the setup of the House Festival would commence on 27 June not July as stated within the report.


·         The Leisure & Events Manager gave thanks to the Kenwood House General Manager for the Kenwood Event Organisers sponsorship towards the new Heath diary.



RESOLVED - With two hours having elapsed since the start of the meeting, in accordance with Standing Order No. 40 the Committee agreed at this point to extend the meeting by up to thirty minutes.



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