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Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk


The Sub-Committee received a report of the Town Clerk that provided Members with a summary of the outstanding actions from previous meetings.


OR1 – Gowns Replacement

There was discussion over the relative difficulty in finding responsibility for the maintenance of judges’ gowns at the respective courts, with a Member advising that responsibility did not fall with HMCTS.  A Member noted that the gowns had been cleaned approximately two years ago.  Members asked that both status and responsibility be clarified for gowns at both the Magistrates’ Court and the Central Criminal Court. (1)


OR2 – Tour of the Mayor’s and City of London Court

The Town Clerk advised that it was proposed to hold the tour of the Mayor’s and City of London Court prior to or following the next meeting of the Sub-Committee on 15 October.


OR3 – Lord Mayor’s Plate and Chief Magistrate’s Mace

The Head of Operations at Mansion House and Central Criminal Court explained that the sword required repairs and had been returned.  He explained that there was no recorded ownership of the Mace and explained that he would add the item to the inventory managed by Mansion House. (2)


RESOLVED – That the report be received.


Supporting documents:


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