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To agree the public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 11 September 2018.


The public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 11 September 2018 were considered and approved as a correct record.



Communication Totems (page 2) – A Member referred to a recent article suggesting that communication totems in the City were ‘data harvesting’ from mobile phones. She questioned whether this practice was legal given that passers by would not be aware that this was the case. She referred to a similar issue which had arisen previously concerning recycling bins in the City. The Chief Planning Officer undertook to make enquiries about this but stated that she was certainly not aware that this was the case. The Chairman underlined the need to ensure that any data harvesting that might be taking place was both statutorily compliant and mindful of any data protection implications. Members suggested that it was important to ask these sorts of questions up front in future.


The Comptroller and City Solicitor clarified that, unlike with the previous occurrence referred to which concerned recycling bins in the City, there was no relationship between the City of London Corporation and the totem providers as far as she was aware. Officers nevertheless undertook to explore this matter further and report back to the Committee. 


Golden Lane Community Centre (page 6) – A Member questioned whether some further detail could be provided relative to the ‘additional condition’ that was to be imposed in order to address accessibility of the interview room and had been delegated to the Chief Planning Officer to finesse in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee at the last meeting. The Chief Planning Officer clarified that the additional condition related to use of the Community Centre as an Estate Office and was as follows: “Notwithstanding the details of the office layout shown on drawing 2325_PL_109_2, the use of the sui generis office area shall not commence until details of an interview room have been submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority that meet the requirements of Local Plan policy DM10.8 which shall be constructed prior to first occupation in accordance with the approved drawings and maintained thereafter whilst the use is in operation.

REASON: To ensure that the development will be accessible for people with disabilities in accordance with the following policy of the Local Plan: DM10.8”.


Queenhithe Riverside Walkway (page 13) – A Member stated that he was still awaiting an update on this matter. The Chief Planning Officer undertook to work alongside Officers in Highways to provide the Member with a written response as soon as possible.


Thames Court Footbridge – A Member requested an update on this matter.  The Assistant Director (Highways) reported that, despite an open invite, only two tenders for the works had been returned – both of which were significantly over the original budget. City Procurement were now planning to meet with both tenderers. Members were informed that a report on possible options going forward would be submitted to the next meeting of the Planning & Transportation Committee.

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