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Any other business that the Chair considers urgent


The following items of urgent business were raised –


(i)     Letter- Pensioner’s Lunch 

The Chair referred to a letter that had been received from Rod Hedley-Smith, former Director in the Chamberlain’s Department, of the City Corporation, extending his thanks to the Establishment and Finance Committees for the recently hosted annual Pensioner’s Lunch.




(ii)    Annual Staff/Christmas Lunch

The Chair advised Members of a request from the Multi-Faith Network that the title of the Staff Annual Lunch revert back to the Staff Christmas Lunch. It was noted that the Committee had previously agreed that the annual event should be referred to as the Staff Christmas Lunch but for some reason, it continued to be branded as the Staff Annual Lunch.  With all Members in agreement, it was agreed that the event organiser should be alerted to the request. 


RESOLVED – That the organiser of the Staff Christmas Lunch be advised of the Committee’s decision in respect of future branding of the annual event.


(iii)  RSVPs – Committee events

The Chair encouraged Members to RSVP to all forthcoming Committee-related evets including the Establishment Committee dinner and the Staff Christmas Lunch.





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