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Gender Identity Progress Update

Joint Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services and Director of Human Resources.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Children’s and Community Services which summarised key initial findings from the City Corporation’s survey on gender identity and updated Members on progress in commissioning independent analysis. It was noted that a detailed report and initial policy proposals would be submitted to the Committee in December for consideration.


Members discussed the survey completion rate and requested clarification in the next report about the level of “skipped” responses, the volume of start but not finish respondents and a breakdown in terms of representation i.e. the number of respondents living/working in the City or using the City Corporation’s services. The Director of Community and Children’s Services stressed the importance of hearing a broad range of voices and for the organisation to know who they are. It was noted that tenders for the commissioning of a specialist provider had now been received and work to progress policy development would be met from the Community and Children’s Services Departmental budget.


RESOLVED – That the Committee note the report.



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