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With the Board’s consent, the following item of urgent business was considered:-


Dr Penny Bevan – Retirement

In light of Dr Penny Bevan’s retirement at the end of the year, the Deputy Chairman thanked Dr Bevan for her contribution to the Health and Wellbeing Board, and her efforts to ensure that the City was on the right track to be a healthy place to live, work and visit. Members concurred that Dr Bevan had left a notable legacy for future members of the Board and the City of London Corporation. The Director commented that Dr Bevan had been an advocate for training and development for the next generation of health advisors and her work with the Board had brought many benefits to the City Corporation.


RESOLVED – That, upon her retirement from the Health and Wellbeing Board, the thanks of the Board and the City Corporation be extended to Dr Penny Bevan for her outstanding contribution to the work of the Board over the past five years and for the benefits brought to the City Corporation.


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