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Report of the City of London Police.


The Committee considered a report of the City of London Police regarding violent crime from licensed premises during the period 19 June to 31 August 2018. The following comments were made:


·         Members were advised that Members were advised that the report covered a period of 72 days whereby there were 48 violent offences. During this period, a total of 163 promoted events were held at City premises and one crime occurred during a promoted event.


·         It was noted that of the two red premises listed on the traffic light scheme, one was a new premises which was receiving assistance from the British Transport Police and the other premises did not sell alcohol.


·         A Member noted the previous request that previous data be provided to Members in tabular form.


·         In response to a query regarding alcohol related crime in the City, Members were advised that crime at licensed premises was low, but alcohol related crime had increased since last year. Members agreed that short, medium and long-term data was needed to show trends. Inspector Peacock confirmed that the COL Police could produce the data for comparisons. 


·         A Member wondered whether learning from the active move to lower crimes from promoted events could be transferred to bring down crime at licensed premises. Members were advised that the COL Police actively work with premises developing action plans which are monitored and adjusted when necessary. It was noted that the COL Police hold regular forums to provide videos on tactics and de-escalation for managing drunk patrons which are well attended.



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