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Vote of Thanks to Late Lord Mayor

To pass the Vote of Thanks, read informally at the last meeting of the Court, to the late Lord Mayor.


Resolved unanimously  - that the Members of this Court take great pleasure in expressing to:



their sincere thanks and appreciation for the distinguished manner in which he has served as Lord Mayor of the City of London during the past year.


Always enthusiastic and good-humoured, Charles has travelled extensively and visited more than 25 countries and six of the seven continents. From the Americas, Asia and Africa to the World Economic Forum at Davos, as Lord Mayor he has worked tirelessly as a passionate advocate on behalf of the UK’s financial and professional sectors.


Charles’ Mayoral theme, the Business of Trust, has sought to create better business trusted by society. The programme has been shared with influential stakeholders across the City and beyond. Through Charles’ initiative to create and improve the programme, he has ensured that this important and necessary work will continue to thrive in the future. Furthermore, thanks to his personal efforts, the relationship between the Mayoralty and Department of International Trade is closer than ever, with the Lord Mayor having a place on the Board of Trade.


During his time as Lord Mayor, Charles has hosted many special events to further economic diplomacy and promote London as a centre for business. The Commonwealth Business Forum was a particular success, at which Charles hosted one President and four Prime Ministers amongst others. It succeeded in strengthening further the developing bonds with the Commonwealth.


We on the Court also wish to pay tribute to Samantha, the Lady Mayoress, who had an equally busy and energetic programme. A myriad of activities including sponsored swims and karaoke, and the ever-present promise of sheep being introduced to Mansion House, ensured that the year went by like Greased Lightning. We express our gratitude for all her contributions.


In taking their leave of Charles, their 690th Lord Mayor, Honourable Members reflect that his has been a special and outstanding Mayoralty. We trust that Charles, Samantha, Grace and Charlotte will look back on a unique year with the greatest pleasure, pride, and many happy recollections.

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