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Applications Recommended for Rejection


The Committee considered a report of the CGO and Director of City Bridge Trust detailing 16 grant applications that were recommended for rejection. Of these 6 applications were under Investing in Londoners criteria and 10 under Bridging Divides.


A Member asked about the reason for rejecting Real Action Ltd. The CGO responded that the application did not meet City Bridge Trust priorities relating to educational institutions. A Member asked why St. Vedast-alias-Foster had been rejected, noting that this was their third unsuccessful bid. The CGO responded that the application was risk assessed in relation to the community programme undertaken at the location by a single external organisation only. Therefore, if that organisation pulled out the programme would not be able to continue and the public access to the building which is a requirement would not be met. The organisation had had this feedback on both previous occasions but continued to apply nonetheless.


A Member asked if the guidance on funding objectives and criteria could be provided to Members with the papers as a matter of routine so that Members could be clear on the restrictions on funding. The Chief Grants Officer and Director stated that these are quite lengthy but that a copy could be sent around again for Members to have to consider for the future.


RESOLVED – That the Committee reject the grant applications listed in the accompanying schedule.

Supporting documents:


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