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Review of Police Authority - Resourcing and Governance Arrangements

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Town Clerk reported on the review of the Policing authority – resourcing and governance arrangements.


The following matters were raised:-


·         The Committee noted comments received from a Member regarding concern about the additional grade I post, given the current financial pressures, and whether another two posts were required to perform a function that he considered had normally worked well. The Committee noted the Chamberlain’s response confirming his view that the proposals were appropriate.


·         The role of other committees in governance of the CoLP was noted and a Member raised the issue of the Committee altering its title to the ‘Police Authority Board’. Another Member questioned whether the Police Committee receive all relevant staffing information in view of its oversight terms of reference. The Town Clerk was asked to add the question of a future name change to the outstanding references report.


·         Noted that spending in some areas may need to be increased where there was under resourcing.



Supporting documents:


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