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Internal Audit Update

Report of the Head of Internal Audit & Risk Management.


The Committee received a report of the Head of Internal Audit providing an

update on Internal Audit activity undertaken at the Barbican Centre since

July 2018. The following comments were made:


·         The Head of Audit and Risk Management advised the Committee that the Equalities & Inclusion audit had been finalised and an internal audit had been undertaken. It was noted that there was no direct impact on the Barbican from these audits.


·         Members were advised that Appendix 5 set out the status of assignments of the 2018-19 Audit Plan implementing all management decisions and change in dates.


·         A Member felt that an item regarding the Trust was needed as this was a different legal entity and therefore required a box of its own for review. It was noted that there was potentially a GDPR risk as the Trust can only operate if the Barbican gave indemnity. The Member therefore felt that this required auditing as there was a contractual arrangement giving the ability to share data. Members were advised that the Corporation’s GDPR process was audited. The Head of Audit and Risk Management agreed to look at this offline.


·         A Member voiced concern that the new catering contract started in October 2018 and was working without formal agreement being signed. Members were advised that the new contract was not yet signed but it did address all concerns voiced by the Committee. The Committee felt that this should have been dealt with before the contract began and needed to be resolved as soon as possible.


RESOLVED – That Members note the delivery position for the 2017-18 Internal Audit Plan, including audit review outcomes since the last Internal Audit Update report in July 2018, the number of outstanding high priority recommendations, and 2018-19 Audit Plan progress.



Supporting documents:


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