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Governor Clerking Survey Results

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


The Director of Community and Children’s Services reported on the governor clerking survey results.


Deputy Keith Bottomley left the meeting at 3.47pm


After discussion, during which survey results were noted and present options were considered, it was     




(a)  the findings of the survey be shared with the City Schools to enable them to benchmark their own use of governor clerking services with other schools in the family of schools;


(b)  further investigation be commissioned into the cost and feasibility of a series of options, with the main options for further analysis to include:


(i)            obtaining quotes from external providers based on 125 hours per year per school (governing body and sub-committee meetings) multiplied by the number of schools who may want to take part (the benchmark to be no less than £6,920 per year per school for meetings);


(ii)           exploring options for creating a shared framework agreement for governor clerking services noting that costs may be increased by the need for proper contract management; and


(iii)          comparing the quote for an external supplier with the cost of an appropriate number of Corporation staff employed as designated clerks for participating schools; and


(c)     a discussion paper on these matters be presented to the Education Board away day in March.


Supporting documents:


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