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Roma Support Group


A Member asked how City Bridge Trust officers monitored the use of funding to ensure that there was no overlap into alternative uses. The CGO responded that the funding application was for specific work with people with mental health issues and misappropriation was very unlikely. The organisation was well-established, held in high regard and had been funded previously by City Bridge Trust. The funding was for an employee post and was not distributed to individuals. A Member suggested that the Roma Support Group could be invited to present to the Committee as a presentation on Roma culture and heritage would be interesting.


APPROVED £84,800 over two years (£41,000; £43,800) towards the costs of a Project Co­ordinator (21hpw); 2 p/t bi-lingual mental health advocates (7hpw each); and related running costs for a mental health advocacy service.


A Member queried whether organisations that received grants of five years could reapply after the fifth year, and how officers worked with organisations to prepare them for the end of the grant. The CGO responded that under the Bridging Divides strategy some of the ‘fallow’ period had been closed and this had been welcomed by the sector. Some organisations were able to reapply straight away if they still needed funding. Officers always discussed plans for after the grant ended and maintained regular dialogue.


A Member asked if organisations still found it more difficult to raise money for back office resources and infrastructure. The CGO responded that this was still the case as whilst infrastructure was vitally important it was less appealing to funders.

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