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Epping Forest Consultative Committee Terms of Reference and Schedule

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces relative to the terms of reference for the newly established Epping Forest Consultative Committee.


The Chairman explained that the Committee was still very much a work in progress and had only held three meetings to date. With regard to the proposal around increasing the number of meetings the group hold each year, the Chairman stated that there was little appetite for this.


A Member stated that communication here was key in terms of how the dissemination of information to/from this group was to be supported going forward.


A Verderer stated that it was disappointing that the report wasn’t able to reflect the most recent meeting of the Consultative Committee that had taken place in October.


Members made a number of comments in terms of the content of the report and suggested that it required some editing.


RESOLVED – That, the Committee note the approved, updated Terms of Reference of the Epping Forest Consultative Committee.

Supporting documents:


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