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Transport for London funding: LIP Annual Spending Submission 2019/20, Liveable Neighbourhood.

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment covering the provision of Trasport for London funding to the City of London Corporation.


A Member referred to reference at the end of the report that officers will monitor the expenditure of Transport for London grants to ensure that they are fully spent. She added that the Committee had previously produced a list of project which would be ‘nice to do’ as opposed to essential, she suggested that this list might be consulted should there be any remaining funds. She stated that additional funding had been gained in the past in this way.


The Transportation and Public Realm Director undertook to look in to this and also reminded Members that this did not prevent the organisation from looking at alternative streams of funding for these types of projects.


RESOLVED – That, Members of the Planning and Transportation Committee:

·         Approve the projects to be included in the City Corporation’s 2019/20 Annual Spending Submission;

·         Approve delegated authority for the Director of the Built Environment to approve reallocations of the 2019/20 Corridors and Neighbourhoods grant of up to £100,000 within the financial year;

·         Approve the allocation of the additional awarded sum of £106,822 for 2018/19 to the delivery of Legible London; and

·         Approve the submission of a Liveable Neighbourhoods bid for the City Cluster.



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