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Planning and Transportation Committee

To consider the progression of the Blackfriars Bridge refurbishment and repair of the parapets to Gateway 5.


The Court considered a report of the Planning and Transportation Committee which recommended approval be given to a programme of works from Gateway 4b to Gateway 5.


Gateway 3/4 approval had been provided for a full refurbishment of Blackfriars Bridge with repair and replacement of the cast iron features as required; working around the current access restrictions. The project would significantly improve the aesthetics of the structure and protect its fabric. It would also repair the parapets to prevent future water ingress and protect the structure.


Since Project Proposal (Gateway 2), estimated costs have increased by £3,570,000 owing to better understanding of the full implications of the access restrictions, particularly because of the Tideway Tunnel works site. The estimated total cost of the project was now £8,570,000 and the Court’s approval to proceed at Gateway 4b was therefore sought.


If the project was not progressed, the appearance of the bridge would further deteriorate and ultimately, the lifespan of the structure would be significantly reduced.  The City would also be seen to be failing to meet its obligations under the Blackfriars Bridge Act 1863 and the Corporation of London (Bridges) Act 1911 to maintain and repair the bridge.


The next step would be to progress the project to Gateway 5 (expected October 2019).


Resolved – That progression of the programme of works from Gateway 4b to Gateway 5 be approved.

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