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City of London Visitor Strategy 2019/23

Report of the Assistant Town Clerk and Culture Mile Director.


The Committee received a report of the Assistant Town Clerk and Culture Mile Director seeking Member comments on the new draft City of London Visitor Strategy 2019/23.


The Chairman reported that the draft strategy had already been endorsed by both the Culture, Heritage and Libraries and the Policy & Resources Committees.  


A Member commented that it was important to have some reassurance that the Square Mile would still retain a business focus. He added that there was also no mention of security within the strategy at present which should continue to be a priority in the City. The Cultural and Visitor Director reported that one of the main thrusts of the strategy was timing with particular focus on visitors at evenings and weekends. Any crossover with business – such as lunchtimes – would, however, be looked at as part of this.


In terms of security, the Cultural and Visitor Director reported that arrangements formed part of individual events programmes (like City Arts) but he agreed that this should be explicit within the strategy. He went on to clarify that each event went through a rigorous process in terms of security with input from the City of London Police and Highways in terms of things such as vulnerability, crowd safety and public order.


Another Member commented that she was disappointed to see that Leadenhall Market was not mentioned within the draft strategy given that the Guildhall Yard and Old Bailey were. The Cultural and Visitor Director reported that work was being done alongside the Market to look at increasing visitor numbers here, particularly at weekends. This could be referenced within the strategy but, due to financial constraints, this could not be a direct action at present.


A Member questioned the ‘Action Area’ around the provision of additional coach parking and dropping off facilities detailed within the draft strategy. She added that she recalled this Committee looking at transport issues around the City and attempting to try and reduce this in the past. The Cultural and Visitor Director reported that the City’s larger attractions, such as St Paul’s Cathedral, relied on coach parties for much of their income. He added that any work in this area would be carried out in close consultation with all affected parties.




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